Man Cave: Gear Head Theme Ideas

Published: 21st June 2010
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Cave man is a room that a man can call their own. It is a room where they can use to entertain their friends, to relax, to watch sports and just be away from the rest of the world. There are many different ways to prepare your cave man in particular.

In fact, you can create a cave man in almost any room. For example, you can create your own cave man in a garage, or basement or even in the bedroom parts not in use.

Topics Caveman

There are several other theme rooms that can be set up for the cave man's. A room under the title of sport can display love of baseball (for a full wall mural of a baseball field), with the rules or even the scoreboard. Can also be wall shelf to display your bats, balls, etc.

There is also tennis, basketball, football, and this is just a few examples of mathematical topics that can be set up to enhance your room your favorite sport.

Another idea for your man cave is the establishment of all souvenirs that you saved and now you want to display. Can you make the walls of your room and want to put the point where your items.

Car Kits

Are you a fan of cars? Develop a range of different models of sports cars. They can be everything from Indy cars to NASCAR. Types of groups a set of small cars to individual complete sets of cars. Car Show proudly in the closet or on top of antiques shelf.

Add Wings

Are you a fan of racing cars? If so, and sometimes will be subject to the renovation of the racetrack or demolition because they provide sports fans and enthusiasts the ability to purchase a set of stands or seats, or some part of the race track. Beware of these types of procurement opportunities. Can these types of items are a great addition to your cave man.

Boards, panels and more panels

Explains the most fun of the panel are lit brightly in your man cave? Add one or two or more! Try to use anything from a sign that displays the name of your favorite beer sign that displays the NASCAR or the Indy 500. Many can be signs lit with neon light.

Do not forget the big screen TV

Media pack! Yes, this is right, what could be a cave without the big screen TV a few, and stereo system large. View all your racing car or your favorite drag racing on the big screen TV with great sounds pumping.

Add comfort and style and entertainment

Maybe you want to add some seats, such as comfortable leather sofas and chairs. Add the wet bar. Remember that the stock wet bar with alcoholic drinks large beer to wine to hard liquor you can use to drink the mix. Should this room, not only to be invited but you must be a place to enjoy your friends and relax the next. carries free home improvement advice, home repair, extreme home makeover, home improvement site, DIY, do-it-yourself, buying guides, consumer reports ,Free home improvement advice, great remodeling tips, and appliance buying guides by leading home improvement authority and DIY expert.

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